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Wingfeather Outfitters is located in Walkerton, Ontario Canada. It has some of the best waterfowl and turkey hunting in North America. Blessed by the annual migration of James Bay Canada Geese, it is one of the first major staging grounds for these geese on there trip south, not to mention the over abundance of the local Giant Canadas. Hunt with the Pro’s and the best equipment on the market.

South Western, Ontario Canada has also experienced a explosion in there Eastern Wild Turkey population. With so many birds in the area, our guides put you on birds everyday guaranteed. Hunt with the best guides in the industry who have the same passion for the sport as you do.

We also offer outstanding opportunities for Whitetail Deer with a selected number of hunters put through each year, it ensures you have the chance at not only shooting a white tailed deer but seeing many on your days in the blind. Our hunts start in October and run right till the end of December, hunt deer during prime time rut or come later in the season when they have started yarding up.

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